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Welcome To FCI Bureau International

FCI Bureau International
provides the following services for your convenience :

  • Employees prior trained, military, and / or seasoned Guards, with special security training
  • Unarmed, uniformed, or FCI Supervisors / Agents at the same monthly rate for your property
  • Our upper management will oversee your property, at no additional cost to you, until the validity of our contracts
  • Monthly management staff meetings to discuss strategies, policies, and procedure changes and implement them swiftly to your security team
  • 24-hour communications and a Special response team for any threatening situation (disgruntled employees or non-employee threats made against you and / or your staff)
  • Replacement of any Security staff/officer after being notified of a problem or emergency shall be discontinued/Replaced within 24-48 Hours at the management’s discretion.
  • Other specialised areas of services offered by FCI Bureau International are Labour supply, House-keeping, gardening and all types of Manpower services as well (relevant documents shall be enclosed for the references).
  • Provide services for a 90-day trial basis before you commit to a contract

FCI Bureau International, Guards Recruiting Guidelines :

FCI. Guards Recruiting Guidelines FCI. Bureau International applies traditional recruiting procedures, which attract quality applicants from diverse fields, through special training centres, employee referrals, newspaper advertising or being Ex-servicemen (Armed forces/Para-military/Retired police).

Each employee or trainee must undergo criminal background check, Police verifications, and a FCI Bureau International pre-employment screening with the legal documents presented before being hired with FCI Bureau International.

Each employee/guard has participated in a training or trained which involves security turnout, quick responsive in emergency and self-defence.

FCI Bureau Internationals Proprietor/Officers are personally in charge of verifying that each armed man (Gunmen) possessing a licenced firearm passes all Gujarat state/all India laws and local police weapons regulations/permissions by thorough verifications, If outsider, before being authorized to work with a firearm at our Agency.

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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.
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FCI is currently operating in Gujarat & Maharashtra.