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Standard Operational Procedure

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Standard Operational Procedure for security personnel in FCI

  • 1.1 Following Instructions

    All security personnel and officers are to obey all instructions and commands given by their superior officers either in writing or verbally without fail.

  • 1.2 Discipline

    All security personnel must be disciplined and courteous to all occupants, visitors, public, superiors and subordinates at all time.

  • 1.3 Attire

    All security personnel must be in full uniform to include headgear whilst on duty. Hair must be kept short and tidy at all time.

  • 1.4 Work Procedures

    All security personnel must be alert at all times.

    All security personnel are not allowed to sit or chit-chat in any of the shops or offices in the building.

    All security personnel are not allowed to lean against a wall or appear sleepy while at their respective posts of duty.

    All security personnel are not allowed to leave their post whilst on duty or before a replacement guard arrives.

    All security personnel are not allowed to sleep whilst on duty.

    All security personnel are not allowed to neglect their duties.

    All security personnel are to report all incidents that happened within their area of responsibilities to their superior officer.

    All security personnel are not allowed to consume alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst on duty.

    All security personnel are not allowed to take into possession or safe keeping any properties, stocks, displays, unattended item whether valuables or not without proper authorization or means or sales and transfers.

    All security personnel are not allowed to stay or wander around their working post whilst on leave, off duty or after duty.

    All security personnel are not allowed to carry any video instruments or cameras whilst on duty unless authorized by the management.

    All security personnel are not allowed to abuse , enter into a quarrel, fight or use abusive languages against the management ,superiors, occupants, colleagues or visitors at all times unless their own life is threatened.

  • 1.5 Security Vetting

    All security personnel must be properly vetted to ensure that they are free from criminal records within three months of their months of their enrolment. Those who fail in the vetting are to be dismissed from the company.

  • 1.6 Health

    All security personnel must be physically and mentally fit to perform their duties.

  • 1.7 Equipment

    All security personnel must be fully equipped with a note book, pen, whistle, baton, identification tag, walkie-talkie, torch light, rain coats and umbrellas.

Log Books

  • All security personnel must ensure all diaries and record books are to be kept in good order and produced for verification by their superiors and/or the management from time to time.

Record Books

  • 2.1 Incident Report Book

    To record all incidents in the building with comprehensive details of occurrence, actions taken including any follow up action or in progress their required recommendations.

    To be kept in a proper order for reference, induced as a supporting facts or evidence in the filing of the incidents with the local authorities subject to the written consent of the management and the report should be treated as private and confidential.The incident report should tally and act as precedence to any separate or detailed report to be submitted by the management to the management or any local authorities with the written consent of the management.

    All incident reports are to contain the following basic information.

    Full name, designation and the identification number of the person submitting the report.

    The date, time and location of the incident.

    Details of the person full name(s), identification number(s), vehicle shop lot(s), office unit, value, items, damages, type of incident involved and any other relevant information.

    Personal particulars of the witness(es), address(es), identification number(s), contact numbers- mobile phone, office and residential, if any.

    Action(s) taken follow up action(s) or in progress action(s) required and recommendations.

    Investigation details as to the cause of the incident, contributing factors, suspected persons or factors, how the incident occurred and its impact on the security of the building.

  • 2.2 Visitors Log Book

    Visitors entering during the operational hours are to register with the security guard at the guard house and to be observed on the full compliance of the house rules and any rules and regulations as assigned by the management.

    All visitors and occupants entering the building after the operation hours are required to register at the guard house. Details to be included are date, time in, time out, full name, identification number, place of destination, reason and the person’s signature.

  • 2.3 Contracts Log Book

    All Contractors doing renovation, repair and maintenance works are required to register and obtained contractor passes at the Security Office/Points. Details to include in the record book are date, time out full name, identification number, vehicle registration number, place of destination, reason and the workmen signatures.

General Emergency Procedures

  • 1 Electrical Breakdown/Power Failure

    Caused by Power Co/Electricity Co incoming supply failure

    The guard /officer shall liaise immediately with the maintenance staff. The date, time, person called, reason(s) given, expected re-connection time and report number is to be recorded for reference.

    Caused by tripping of the main switch board

    Maintenance personnel must be informed to check and reset or rectify the problem.

    In case of electrical breakdown after normal operation hours, to contact the maintenance personnel as per emergency contact number provided by the management.

  • 2 Fire Alarm Activated

    The guard in the control room to check the fire alarm panel, switch off buzzer sound and isolate the alarm for the affected zone only.

    To check on the affected zone and determine whether it is a ‘false’ alarm where false alarm is due to it have been activated by insects or dust.

    In case of ‘true’ alarm and there is a fire but it is small and localized, security personnel can douse it with the nearest available fire extinguisher(s).

    If the fire has spread to a larger area, attempt to douse the same time by using the nearest available fire hose reel. If it is raging fire and moving RAPIDLY, break the nearest available alarm break glass to activate fire alarm and serve as a warning of a fast spreading fire.

    To contact the fire and Rescue Department immediately, activate in-horse fire squad for firefighting (while waiting for BOMBA/FIRE-TENDER) and safety evacuation, including visitors from the building.

  • 3 Lifts Breakdown

    Use lift intercom to communicate with person(s) trapped in the lift (if any) to ascertain whether there is any people trapped in the lift.

    If there are people trapped in the lift, try to calm and inform them that assistance is on the way to rescue them.

    Contact the maintenance personnel to coordinate with the lift contractor to release passenger(s) and rectify the lift.

    If the incident occurred after normal operation hours, duty officer to contact maintenance personnel, lift breakdown’s service immediately and monitor closely on the arrival of the lift contractor’s technicians.

    If lift is empty, put up the life "out of order” or "under repair” sign on all the affected lift doors while for the lift Technician to repair the lifts.

  • 4 Flooding

    Flooding can be caused by the following:

    (a)Intentional opening of fire hose reel valves by irresponsible person. In this case, please turn off the valve(s), immediately inform The Management and maintenance personnel to arrange for clearing up flood water.

    (b)Accidental or intentional breakage of sprinkler head(s). In this case, inform The Management and maintenance personnel immediately to arrange isolation/turning off the affected sprinkler zone and for clearing up of flood water. In a normal case, alarm will be triggered. The duty officer is to isolate the fire panel and reset the alarm.

    (c) Bursting of pipe. Duty Officer is to contact the maintenance personnel and The Management to arrange for shutting off the nearest supply valve(s), carried out rectification works and clearing of flood water.

  • 5 Accident / Injuries

    In cases of minor injuries, security personnel are to assist the victim (s) to control room and render first aid to victim(s). If further medical attention is required i.e. serious injuries, unconscious victim(s), heart problem etc., contact 108 / Referral Dispensary/Hospital.

  • 6 Shoplifting /Suspicious Person/Fight/Drunkenness

    Security personnel should immediately proceed to the scene of the incident and try to apprehend the shoplifter(s).

    If the suspicious persons behave unruly and no clear evidence of crime, fraud or malicious to be seen or observed, disperse them from the premise and request them to leave the building. Security personnel should monitor from a distance that they leave the building.

    If the situation worsens or where insistence or assistance and presence of police are needed, contact the police immediately.

    Direct all parties to the control room to a controlled situation and to minimize provocative remarks or comment from the public.

    Inform reception or guards posted at the main entrance to direct police to the room.

    Do not interrogate, use force on the suspect(s) or demand anything from the suspects as settlement. Duty Officer is to ensure all details of the incidents are to be recorded and reported to the management.

  • 7 Traffic Accidents

    Security personnel are to be sent to the scene of accident to investigate the extent of the accident, injury, damages, control the crowd and cordon off the area.

    If it is a minor accident, get the person(s) involved to park their vehicles to the side of road or open area to avoid traffic congestion or another accident.

    Clear off any obstacles, on the road, if any, to avoid traffic congestion and further accident.

    If it is a minor injury, removed the person(s) to an open area or preferably to control room and apply first aid to the person(s).

    Contact 100/Rescue 108 and ask for ambulance if further or immediate medical attention is required.

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